Share sessions with the Opentrons Product Team?

We’re working to improve the Labware Creator. Part of the process involves watching real user sessions to understand which parts of the interface are working and which could use improvement as well as collecting data on how different parts of the tool are used.

We never share sessions or data outside of Opentrons.

Custom Labware Creator BETA

read the custom labware guide

This tool will allow you to create definitions for well plates, reservoirs, tubes in tube racks, plates/tubes in Opentrons aluminum blocks, and tip racks that do not already exist on the Labware Library.

Use this tool only if your labware meets the following requirements:

  1. All your wells/tubes must be the same size and volume.
  2. All columns and rows must be evenly spaced.
  3. The labware must fit snugly into a slot on the deck without the help of an adapter.

For all other custom labware, please use this request form.

Please note: We strongly recommend you reference mechanical drawings directly from your supplier/manufacturer and only rely on manual measurements (using calipers when possible) to supplement missing information. Refer to the bottom of this guide for some tips on how to get the most accuracy with your manual measurements.

Create a new definition

Edit a file you’ve built with our labware creator